The Color Red Never Looked So Good #mfm

As I sat on the beach all day, soaking up the sun, salt on my skin and sand in my toes, I can't help but notice all the men and the different types of bathing suits they were sporting. There are so many colors and patterns as well as different lengths. Men of all different ages and sizes. Men in nautical stripes. Men in checkered plaid. Men supporting USA in stars and stripes. Men in fluorescent neon so bright you need your sunnies to look at them. So 2009 (0r '89, whatever). And, (lawd help me) that man in the itsy, bitsy, teeny weeny, I wish I could un-see his bikini... Just, no. Nope. NO. Nerp. Never. Never Ever. Nevaaa Evaaaa Evaaaa.

However, I've noticed one style never gets old. It's never cut too short, nor yarned too brightly. In fact, it's always just right. It's bold, snug, and sexy. This style has enticed me for years. The men wearing this style are the men in red trunks. The lifeguards!


However, men rockin the red trunks are part of an exclusive club. (So for those of you thinking of purchasing red trunks, make sure you can save me, from a monstrous riptide, in the middle of the ocean, during a shark attack, after a hurricane).

Not only do the red trunks compliment the bronzed, sun kissed, skin of lifeguards, they also accentuate their physique. Lifeguards need to be at the peak of their physical fitness. (Obviously, since they have to save me as I drift out to sea).

Sitting on the beach, I can't help but watch the lifeguards as they work out multiple times a day. They are running in the sand, (not like David all), swimming lengthy distances, doing sets of sit-ups and push-ups, as well as paddling out on the rescue board.

But, as these men emerge from the ocean, I see fashion and fitness truly blend into one. The water drips down from their hair, into their faces, traveling down  their ripped, muscular abdomen, and hitting those red board shorts. The red shorts that hug those muscular thighs and glutes, showing off some crazy calves...truly shows the amount of hardwork and dedication lifeguards put into fitness.

And for me, red has never looked so good.