Fitness Supps

So I never thought I would be blogging about whey protein or supplements, yet here I am. I was ALWAYS the girl who worked out and tried to eat clean. However, I noticed I still felt bloated, and wasn't toning and leaning out the way I wanted. Many friends and people I know in the fitness industry recommended I try taking a supplement. But I was terrified of supplements. I was afraid of what they would do to my body and how they would make me feel. I always thought of them in a negative light. However, a few weeks ago I decided to change my outlook on supplements and look at them in a positive way. Instead of thinking they would make me feel sick or wouldn't work...what if they made me feel good AND look good?! After lots of research, I knew I wanted a product designed for women. (Maybe this is a marketing strategy and its all bull but that's your opinion). I decided on 1 Up Nutrition and ordered Make Her Lean and Daily Cleanse. They work!! The Make Her Lean is a fat burner so I had to switch to decaf green tea because I was extremely jittery day 1. The cleanse is, well....its a cleanse. It detoxifies your body and let me tell you, I am not bloated and I feel clean and healthy!!

I will post again in a few weeks with how these are working for me.