Men are Blogging Too #mfm

My dad always told me, "Fashion will change, but style never will." Those words ring true in my head everyday. However, the access to fashion has changed over time. Instead of waiting for our monthly subscription to VOGUE or GQ, we can now access fashion online and through social media.

I can log onto Instagram and instantly find an outfit I love. I can then follow that person's page and hope they linked their outfit details in their post. This can all happen in a matter of minutes, even seconds.

Other times, I look at an outfit and configure my own, based on the image or images I see. Women's fashion blogs have been the hype for years and there are amazing, unique, and creative fashion bloggers; Sincerely Jules, SouthernCurls&Pearls, and Something Navy to name a few.

However, the real bloggers taking over the fashion world are the men!

Real men are blogging about fashion. Finally!!

They have amazing names for their blogs and they also have quite the following! Hundreds...Thousands...Millions! Maybe it's because they look so hot in their suits and ties, or v-neck t-shirts and form fitting pants, or maybe people love what they have to say. Whatever the case, they've got a following and I love it.

Men and women are following men's fashion blogs to see what is trending, where in the world the clothing is popular and how men are styling themselves. Not only do these men look amazing in their pictures, but many of them can write and often add humor to their posts.

It is so exciting to know that men can scroll through social media and figure out what to wear. (I know a few guys that have searched "what to wear on a date" or "what to wear to an event"). I find it cute that they are putting in the effort to look good.

So to all those amazing male bloggers out there, thank you!

...And keep killin' it in the fashion world.

Some men's blogs I'm currently loving at the moment...and you should probably check out:

  • (this is actually written by a female)


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