LuLaRoe Mayhem!

13645318_873285527297_6233994672685313440_nOk ladies, if you haven't joined the hype of LuLaRoe (because you've been living under a rock)... you are seriously missing out!! The line is made up of EXTREMELY comfy clothes - leggings, various t-shirt styles, tunics, and dresses. And when I say comfy, I mean it is as close to being naked in clothes!!

The only drawback is that there isn't a  website for one to go on and shop. All the shopping is done through Pop Up Shops or people host parties through Facebook or homes.

I have done my shopping through both-the first purchase I made was at a Pop Up Shop at a festival and my best friend had JUST told me about them!  I was so excited that I bought 2 pair :)

I have also been part of Facebook groups where friends are part of the LuLaRoe line independently (think Mary Kay etc) or host a party to get free products. This may be the most exciting shopping part and closest to the Black Friday rush of needing to be the first. Inventory is posted in an album and the first person to comment WINS!! (A bit like bidding on eBay, but better).

So ladies, if you haven't found a LuLaRoe Pop Up or Facebook group...ask around. You have to try it once!! But like many of us, once you start, you CAN'T STOP!!

Well, I better switch over to Facebook since my bestie is hosting a Pop Up and I NEED some more leggings!!