It's Seriously October???

Ok, so even though I am a major beach bum, and love the sun, I'm ready for fall! I want to wear my sweaters and cute booties!! That being said, I am not complaining about the beautiful weather. Yesterday my boyfriend FINALLY had the day off so we decided to spend it outside enjoying our gorgeous little city.

We live in the Hudson Valley, and if you haven't yet check out the Walkway Over the Hudson, it's a must. Especially at this time of year! However, everyone within a 30 mile radius must have had the same idea because parking was a nightmare!

We found a spot near the water and walked around down there. My boyfriend wanted to walk the walkway, so I asked if there was a trail to get up from the water to the trail. He told me he didn't want to walk alllllll the way around so we were taking the elevator!

Yes, this Walkway has an elevator with access to the waterfront. OMG! I'm slightly terrified of heights but there was no turning back. I had to do it. Once I unlatched myself from my boyfriend's side and actually looked at the view, it was gorgeous. The sun was bouncing off the water and the trees were mirrored in the water.

It was gorgeous.

After our walk, we had worked up quite the appetite and decided to eat by the water. I truly felt that it was a  gorgeous summer day rather than a picturesque fall afternoon. I truly feel blessed to leave in an area with breathtaking views of the river surrounded by mountains and I recommend checking them out.

Feeling blessed as I say, goodnight.