Flashback to my first blog post 6 years ago!!

The times are changing... ...but are these times changing for the better or worse? Now I know the answer could go either way, but my main focus here is to discuss the way dating and relationships have changed throughout the 21st century. Men and women have been dating and getting together since the caves, however, in today's world things have greatly changed.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you went out on a date? And I'm not talking about a group date, or grabbing a drink and going home to screw. I'm talking about a man asking a woman out, picking her up, (maybe even with the surprise of flowers), and going to a romantic restaurant and eating a delicious meal together over a candlelit table. Yeah, not very likely. Now, why is that?

Dating has become a very loose term and been replaced with the popular term; hooking up. Today's youth and adolescents have began to casually date, or casually hook up with one another. Sex used to mean something, but today it is thrown around like a football. Casual sex is seen widely on college campuses world wide. Adolescents head to the bars looking to get "fucked up"and leaving with a different person each night. Now, don't get me wrong. I know not every man and woman we meet at a bar is whoring it up and looking to score, but common. We are all thinking about sex, whether we want to admit it or not. But let's face it. Sex is not always going to lead to relationships. So let's toss that idea out the window right now.

We give it up way too fast (I'm talking to you ladies), and then lay in bed alone wondering why he hasn't called or asked us out. Why? Because we gave it up so early on! Why would men want to commit to a woman when they can go out and hook up with different girls whenever they feel the urge?!

So where does the fear of a committed relationship come from? Not every man and woman wants to be in a relationship, so having casual sex has become accepted, especially in today's world. However, for those of you who want to be in a relationship...listen up. Sleeping with someone is not always going to guarantee commitment. Especially in today's society. We rush into things way too fast because the world we live in is well, fast paced. Everything is at our fingertips.  So we just assume that relationships will be too.

So...what would happen if we all took a breath and slowed down a bit?