Fall-ing for Confetti

OMG! I have never loved a coat so much!!! I have to give a huge shout out to Jessica Scantlin-Payne (@jesssouthern) for posting a picture of herself rocking this gorgeous beauty. It reminds me of confetti cake....and that's exactly what this coat is called!! A confetti coat! I don't even know where to start....it's so cute and comfy and the colors constantly pop. It is extremely comfortable and cozy...I never want to take it off.

Each time I put this coat on and step outside, I get compliments galore! It is definitely a head turner ladies :)

I literally have nothing else to say because this coat renders me speechless...however, I do catch myself staring at it constantly...which I am doing right now!

Do yourself a favor. Buy this jacket. For yourself. For others. BUY IT!

Size guide note: I am 5'0'' and I am wearing an XS.