Bikini Breakup

Since we are officially in the midst of my favorite season, why not talk about what I live in basically everyday. Bathing suits!!! Now, ladies, I know we all love a great swimsuit that makes us look good AND feel good! And who cares if you wear a bikini or a one piece?! Check out the Kardashians and other celebs rocking their one pieces and killin' it! Now, like many of you, I am sure that you have found specific suits that you love. You think to yourself sometimes during the spring season, I have to get to ____ store and try on their new suits for the summer! That's been my routine for years with Victoria's Secret.

Now, imagine my surprise when I  walked into Victoria's Secret and found out Victoria's secret!! They are no longer selling bathing suits in their stores! WHAT?! It was like a breakup...VS Swim was done and I had no warning whatsoever.

After my minor panic attack, and the employees at the store calming my anxiety, I realized that they still had their website (and other stores were selling their inventory), and logged in immediately! (Yes, right in the store...but as I was walking out...)

I realized my lovely iPhone 6s wasn't going to cut it...I needed my computer where I could truly do some serious browsing on the site. I raced back to my apartment and logged onto Victoria's Secret and hit SWIM. And then I went click crazy! I clicked all the styles I know, the ones you know make certain assets look fabulous. I kept clicking...same styles in different colors, and my cart kept filling up with bikini tops and cheeky bottoms. Oh, and the cute cover ups as well.

Victoria's Secret...why oh why would you do this to me??! You have been my go-to for bathing suits forrreverrrrrr and now you're telling me I need to find somewhere else. This is one of those bad breakups that I'm not sure I can recover'll always be that one that got away.