A Winter Wonderland

As I sit here, staring out the window at the beautiful white snowflakes falling, I can't help but think, why does it have to snow today?? Why can't it snow during the week so my colleagues and I can get a snow day?! (Sorry, that's the teacher in me...) I know that I can't control Mother Nature, so I sit back, drinking some hot coco, and enjoying the beauty falling outside.

I stayed the night at my parents house, and love the view they have of the trees covered in snow. It's breath-taking. Before my parents and I decorated the tree, I decided to throw on a beanie and get outside!

I channeled my inner child and thought I could do so much! Build a snowman, create snow angels or sled down their long driveway. Sadly, there wasn't enough snow for those activities, so I settled for my mom taking some fun photos of me.

I cannot wait for more snow...especially the snow that will give me a snow day :)

Here I am wearing my Forehead Kisses beanie from Free Your Heart (I'm obsessed) as well as some black leggings and uggs. And yes, I got snow down my shirt at this exact moment!!

After my epic photo shoot in my parents yard, we went inside to decorate their small tree. It's the cutest thing ever. We put on some Christmas music and got into the spirit while dancing around the family room. I also sang terribly off key, but I channeled my inner Mariah. Whatevs.

Totally in my own world here...or my OCD is kicking in....


I love this tree because I can actually reach the top!!

How pretty??!

I will do a post later this week on my tree at my house, and the experience of putting it together with my boyfriend, Scotty.


xo, Courtney