Lost in City Fashion

New York City is one of my favorite places to wander around and get "lost" in the world of fashion. The main reason I was in the city this past weekend was for my cousin's art showing at a gallery on the Lower East side. Me, being the fashionista, had NO idea what to wear to his showing. Do I dress fancy? Edgy? Funky? Conservative? So I did what many of us do. I turned to google.

I found out some valuable art gallery attire and had a few outfits I prepared. (And by prepared, I mean I brought about 6 different outfit options with 3 different shoe options).

When I entered the gallery, I was  blown away by the art. Matt Tierney has an exceptional eye for color, detail, and precision for his dancer series and leaves us with our own interpretations of the work. I highly recommend going and seeing his work.

However, I often found my eyes wandering away from the canvas' and landing upon the different men and women in the room. Their styles were eclectic and beautiful. I couldn't help but stare. So if you were there and I was staring, I apologize. I was admiring your sense of fashion...not being a weirdo. I promise.

Some women were dressed in beautiful dresses; floor length, short, lace, bodycon. Others dressed more on the conservative side with dressy pants and a blouse or blazer. Some ladies decided to go funky and grunge and wore ripped jeans, flannel, beanies, and oversized jackets. But my favorite style of all were the women dressed edgy. These women took a bit a piece of everything and put it together. Combat boots with a dress and leather jacket, or leather pants with a blouse and bomber jacket.

I was amazed and inspired. Women [and men] of all different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ages came together in one place to see an artist and his work. I loved seeing everyone mingling and talking over a shared interest.

Art brought me into the city the other night, but fashion kept me in the city longer than I planned. I was instantly inspired and decided to stay longer.

I wandered the city and observed men and women and the styles they portrayed. I constantly asked myself, "What makes them gravitate towards these styles?"

I am clearly inspired and can't wait to see what more the fashion of New York City has to offer.

Goodnight fashion lovers,

Courtney xo