I can't believe that summer is over and I'm saying goodbye to sleeping in, beach days, vacations, and late nights (to name a few). With summer comes the summer glow we all love and desire. So why should we add that to our list of goodbyes?? I, for one, REFUSE to give up my glow (and tan) this early.

Today, I am sharing my favorite products that give off that summer glow so you can continue to radiate into the fall rockin’ those cute new booties. 


These are my two favorite self tanners right now! I love them equally and switch between the two. I recommend using a mit when applying otherwise your hands will look gross! LOL

The St. Tropez Self Express Tanner is great because you can decide how dark you want to be. I always leave it on overnight so I can get DARK!! Loving Tan is also great and comes in 3 shades. I either buy the Dark or Ultra Dark, because, hello….I love to be tan. The best part?! The color doesn’t stain my clothes like other brands have in the past.

I have to give a shoutout to my girl Olivia Rink for sharing this product!! For nights when I want a dewy glow, think sexy model legs, I rub this on. It gives you that high shine you are looking for with a bit of color. It can get sticky if you overuse, but I mix it with some lotion and it works great!! (I have used alone and love it too)!

Obsessed!!! I have been using Drunk Elephant products for a few months now, and I loveeeee D-Bronzi!! I mix with Kiehl’s Glow and let me tell you, hellooooo bronze glow!! They work great alone but together, they GLOW!

blog 5.png

Jess Smith-Payne, or Jesssouthern, shared this product yearssss ago, and I am still using it! (I loveee watching her YouTube videos for beauty tips and she’s so real!! #loveher). For the days when I don’t want a ton of makeup, I will brush this on and toss on some highlighter if I feel, and out the door I go. I love this stuff. I also use it under bronzer when I am feeling extra pale.

Hellllooooo shimmer and glow! Becca Cosmetics are the go-to for glow. I have so many products from her line, but I love putting this on after I moisturize. It shines through my foundation and bronzer and gives me that dewy summer glow.

More Becca!! I’m telling you…if you want the glow, get on the Becca Cosmetics bandwagon!! The Charlotte Tilbury duo is not something I have tried YET but it is on my list. I have heard great things!!!

Please let me know if you have any bronze and glowy products that you are loving. I’m always looking for new products to try…especially ones that are going to keep me tan and glowing!!