Meet the Girl with the Sass

Hey friends! My name is Courtney and I am a makeup wearing, fitness fanatic, fashionista with a lot of sass! I’m just another basic millennial with a Target obsession, or Tar-jayy, as we call it, strolling the aisles for things that I don’t need. (And probably can’t afford). I live in New York but question it all the time, especially in the winter months. Cold and windy or hot and sunny? Ha. Not even a real question. Common.

I am a full time teacher, tutor privately, I coach soccer and track during their respective seasons, and spend a lot of time at Crossfit (I see you rolling your eyes. It’s ok. I rolled mine too as I wrote that line). I also spend a fair amount of time, ok, a lot of it at the mall walking around stores touching their clothes and trying on makeup. Boujee, I know.

I am extremely active and busy and feel that house work is never done. I am grateful to have a man that helps out around the house (usually). I am organized AF and love to color code calendars.

As you can see, my life isn’t specific to one thing, nor will my blog be. I wish I could tell you this was a fashion blog or a fitness blog, but it’s so much more than that. I’m sassy, and I go against the norm. You are going to get a little bit of everything on this blog- fashion, fitness, makeup, travel, relationships, life. But one thing you will get a lot of, is sass.

I will try to keep things as real as I can. I want to provide a platform and space where you can come after a long hard day and get a good laugh, or cry. promise I I will be right there alongside you. Laughing my well defined glutes off or ugly crying with mascara running down my face. (Let’s face it, nobody’s a pretty crier. And if you know someone who is, tell me! Because I want to meet them and let them know they’re a true G). But a space where we are free to be ourselves and be as boujee as we want.

So let’s buckle up for a crazy ride as I share this journey of my life with you.