Embracing Your True Beauty

From waterproof mascara to SPF for your skin and hair, spending days at the beach can be a beauty nightmare for those that want to look flawless at the beach. Living at the beach during the summer months, year after year, I've learned that less really is more. Yes, I'll admit, when I was younger, I would spend time wayyyyy to much in the bathroom straightening my naturally curly hair and making sure I put plenty of makeup on for a night out. (Some days I would even wear makeup to the beach! Some waterproof mascara here, a little tinted moisturizer there...)

But why?!

I felt that wearing makeup made me more appealing and attractive. But let me tell you...people do not want to see a woman emerge from the ocean with raccoon eyes and makeup caked on. Ewww, gross.

I feel that woman should be proud of who they are and the beauty that they were born with. Yes, we all have imperfections that we want to cover up, but there's no better feeling than a make-up free face at the beach.

It's a great feeling for me, when I look around and notice women of all different ages and sizes, allowing themselves to just be real. They are embracing their inner "surfer girl" and enjoying the beach vibes. It is a beautiful thing to see in today's day and age...women realizing their true beauty with an "I don't care" attitude.

Hair is wild and unruly? They toss a hat on or throw their hair up in a cute braid or bun. But my favorite? Instead of applying foundation and bronzer, they are applying SPF and letting their skin breathe that fresh salt air.

So ladies, during the summer, take a break from all the makeup and hair products...especially the heat. I'm not saying don't do it. (We all want to look cute on date night.) I'm just saying'...don't do it everyday. Let your skin and hair breathe. Just remember to hydrate and moisturize your skin!! (Otherwise you'll look like your face is peeling off...Mrs. Doubtfire, with that mask...)

So today, as well as everyday, I embrace the beauty I was born with. I rock my insanely curly hair, I lotion up my face with some SPF, and I feel like I'm truly being me...and I've never felt more beautiful.

Working Out without the Gym

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!! Who doesn't love that word?! It definitely ranks top 5 in my vocabulary. I also love any vacations or get-aways to the beach. Seeing how I am a beach bum, I live in my bikinis and denim cut-offs all summer long. But, knowing that I will be in skimpy bathing suits, also means I can't inhale a pint (or gallon) of Ben and Jerry's ice cream when I've had a bad day. I know that I need to eat healthy and work out so I don't feel like Shamu washed up on the shore.

But, that doesn't mean I don't indulge. Trust me, I WILL eat that chocolate cake pop from Starbucks. I WILL have some delicious ice cream. Ohh and I'll definitely have those scrumptious looking chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven. Yeah, I'll definitely have those.

I just know that I need to balance my diet and my work out regime.

Going on vacation doesn't always mean there is a gym nearby. Many hotels have them, however, my beach house sadly doesn't have a squat rack or cable machines in the garage. There are gyms on the island, but I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars to lift weights when I have my "peak membership" with access to everything for the grand price of $19.99/month, 5 minutes from my apartment. (I'd rather spend that money on clothes or bikinis...duh). However, I do bring light weights and resistance bands with me when I travel. I am able to do HIIT workouts with weights or just my body weight and I know plenty of amazing exercises that I can perform in the house, in the garage, and the beach!

Think of sand as your best friend and worst enemy. It creates a resistance, so digging into it while running is a great workout in itself. Whether you run down by the water or on the softer sand, they will both leave you dripping with sweat and legs burning.

Squats, squat jumps, lunges, lunges with a step-up, push-ups, sit-ups, and swimming are all intense, especially when you're doing it in the sun.

Knowing that I can workout and get a tan at the same time is my favorite way to workout, especially when I have the beach to myself and can embrace the calmness as well as enjoy the beautiful view of the sun rising over the ocean. (When I can jack my ass out of bed that early). Otherwise, I   take in the peacefulness and tranquility of the water and beach as I workout before people start claiming their territory and water front locations.

Getting your workout in early is even better so you can check out the men in red for the rest of the day...

...and since I've already done my squats and planks today...you know where I'll be.

Quebec City

There is nothing like traveling!! I have been traveling since before I was born - I love experiencing new cultures and people! I just got home from Quebec City, Canada and if you haven't been, I recommend that you get there!! It is beautiful. It is the closest you will get to Europe without actually going to Europe. I will do another post talking about the beauty of the city, but I wanted to add a few pictures of my outfits while I was there.

Details on my outfits:

  1. Floral Dress: Express (I don't think they have it anymore)
  2. Ray Bans - Aviators
  3. Romper: Kittenish
  4. Green Shawl/Vest : H&M
  5. Maroon Dress: Urban Outfitters
  6. Ray Bans
  7. Bag: Louise & Eleanor