The Color Red Never Looked So Good #mfm

As I sat on the beach all day, soaking up the sun, salt on my skin and sand in my toes, I can't help but notice all the men and the different types of bathing suits they were sporting. There are so many colors and patterns as well as different lengths. Men of all different ages and sizes. Men in nautical stripes. Men in checkered plaid. Men supporting USA in stars and stripes. Men in fluorescent neon so bright you need your sunnies to look at them. So 2009 (0r '89, whatever). And, (lawd help me) that man in the itsy, bitsy, teeny weeny, I wish I could un-see his bikini... Just, no. Nope. NO. Nerp. Never. Never Ever. Nevaaa Evaaaa Evaaaa.

However, I've noticed one style never gets old. It's never cut too short, nor yarned too brightly. In fact, it's always just right. It's bold, snug, and sexy. This style has enticed me for years. The men wearing this style are the men in red trunks. The lifeguards!


However, men rockin the red trunks are part of an exclusive club. (So for those of you thinking of purchasing red trunks, make sure you can save me, from a monstrous riptide, in the middle of the ocean, during a shark attack, after a hurricane).

Not only do the red trunks compliment the bronzed, sun kissed, skin of lifeguards, they also accentuate their physique. Lifeguards need to be at the peak of their physical fitness. (Obviously, since they have to save me as I drift out to sea).

Sitting on the beach, I can't help but watch the lifeguards as they work out multiple times a day. They are running in the sand, (not like David all), swimming lengthy distances, doing sets of sit-ups and push-ups, as well as paddling out on the rescue board.

But, as these men emerge from the ocean, I see fashion and fitness truly blend into one. The water drips down from their hair, into their faces, traveling down  their ripped, muscular abdomen, and hitting those red board shorts. The red shorts that hug those muscular thighs and glutes, showing off some crazy calves...truly shows the amount of hardwork and dedication lifeguards put into fitness.

And for me, red has never looked so good.


Men's Fashion Monday

So I was asked the other day if I blogged about men's fashion. The thought hadn't crossed my mind, but as soon as I was asked, it was like all the fashion wheels in my brain started spinning at the same time! I had so many ideas but didn't know where to start. Until I talked to Kyle...he was also the one who asked the question and got #mensfashionmonday started. When you hear the word fashion, you tend to think of female models rocking the latest trends. We don't typically think of what men are wearing or where they are shopping.

I'm not sure why we don't...there are some sexy male models out there!!

Men's fashion, like women's fashion, incorporates so many different styles. Men can look great dressed up in a suit and tie as well as in a white t and sweatpants. I still can't fathom how a man can look soooo good when he's in a t-shirt with sweats (or shorts), rocking day old scruff, and a hat to complete the look. Yum.

The goal of this post, and hopefully every Monday, is to get men more involved. Find out what makes them tick when they get dressed and why they pick the clothing they do. So why not ask them directly?!

Since Kyle was the one who truly inspired this post, I decided to make him my first fashion victim :) I asked him a bunch of questions and he answered them...with brutal honesty and some humor.

BornSassyandChic: Kyle, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.

Kyle: I’m a blue-collar worker living in upstate New York, I’m a food connoisseur, and take pride in the way I present myself.

BSC: Do you have to dress a certain way for work?

Kyle: Yes, I have to wear khaki pants and a polo provided through the company.

BSC: How would you describe your style?

Kyle: It’s hard to say specifically, but if I had to label it, I would say more European.

BSC: How do you piece together your outfits?

Kyle: The simplest way is really by color. Obviously seasons play a factor, but contrast brings it all together.

BSC: If we were to take a peek in your closet, right now, what would we see?

Kyle: Organization! Everything is separated by category, then by color.

BSC: Where are your favorite places to shop?

Kyle: That truly depends on what I’m looking for because certain shops have either specific styles or a better quality.                                                                          Favorite shop – J.Crew                                                                                                              Favorite Brand – Scotch and Soda

BSC: What is one thing in your closet that you can’t live without?

Kyle: Hangers 

BSC: What makes an outfit? (Think in terms of shoes or accessories).

Kyle: Both. The type of shoe really speaks for the whole outfit and accessories are that added bonus. But if you over do it, then you become Johnny Depp.

BSC: Do you base your outfit off of a specific article of clothing?

Kyle: When I’m deciding what to wear, it all depends on the occasion or circumstance. If I have to wear jeans, the outfit works around those. If I want to wear my favorite polo, everything else is dictated by that.

BSC: Do you have a style icon? If so, who and why?

Kyle: I have quite a few, and all for different reasons. If I had to say, it would be David Beckham because he’s well thought out when he dresses.

BSC: What is your go-to outfit? (Your favorite thing to wear?)

Kyle: My go to is definitely a white polo, a darker green pair of shorts with boat shoes.

BSC: What do you typically wear when you go out with your boys?

Kyle: On warmer days, my previous statement, on cooler days, I wear my tan Scotch and Soda jeans with slip ons and a black v-neck.

BSC: What is your typical outfit for when you go out on a date?

Kyle: It all depends on the environment. Anywhere from just shorts and a polo to nice jeans with a button down and tie.

BSC: How do you feel about adding to your outfit with accessories?

Kyle: I definitely feel it’s necessary, a nice watch adds to your outfit. I also wear a bracelet and an anklet. Nothing flashy, but it’s the little things.

BSC: Would you say you dress more to impress or for comfort?

Kyle: Honestly, impress because people notice when you’ve put even the slightest bit of effort into your appearance. It goes a long way.

BSC: What is one thing every man should have in his wardrobe?

Kyle: A suit. Bottom line, whether you wear it daily or once a year, every man should own a suit.

BSC: Do you enjoy shopping? Do you shop online?

Kyle: I love shopping. I prefer going to the shops but I have no issues doing it online.

BSC: Do you try clothes on when you shop, or do you just buy them?

Kyle: I try them on. You have to because every brand has a different feel. They both may say slim fit but one could be tighter in the shoulders and one could be looser by the waist. Take the extra 5 minutes, it’s worth it.

BSC: Do you have a shoe fetish? If so, what type of shoe?

Kyle: I definitely use to, I won’t lie. But now, I really just have the necessities.

BSC: Do you notice women and their sense of style?

Kyle: Absolutely! You notice who cares not only where they’re going but how they present themselves.

BSC: What style on women gets them a second glance?

Kyle: For me, when they really dress with the seasons, especially Autumn. My favorite!

BSC: Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

Kyle: Yes, I’ve gone to sit down, twice at restaurants, and I had the back-end of my pants rip and the crotch! Two separate occasions.

And then I hit him with some rapid fire questions! :)

BSC: Boxers or Briefs?

Kyle: Briefs

BSC: Board Shorts or Chubbies?

Kyle: Chubbies

BSC: Ties or Bowties?

Kyle: Ties

BSC: Suspenders or Belts?

Kyle: Suspenders

BSC: Hats or Beanies?

Kyle: Neither

(I then had to call bullshit because he has posted pictures wearing hats. He told me he always does his hair, however if he’s swimming or it’s really hot out, his hair will get crazy so he will rock a hat.)

BSC: Beards or Clean Shaven?

Kyle: Clean Shaven

BSC: Nike or Adidas?

Kyle: Nike

BSC: Anything else you’d like to tell the readers? This is your chance to let your Fashion God speak his mind!

Kyle: Take the extra time and just think about it. It’s much better to be over dressed than under dressed…survival of the most fitted. Oh, and a good rule of thumb? Oxfords…not brogues.

BSC: Kyle, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions and giving us a glimpse into your closet and your unique style!

Kyle: Thank you!! 

Anddddd he even snapped a selfie so you can see his style up close and personal. Although I'm sure many of you are more interested in him than his clothes....


If you would like to be a part of #mensfashionmonday, please contact

We would love to see you slaying in the fashion world!

Rollin into August

As July rolls in August, I begin to feel many different emotions. August to me is that bitter sweet month-it's still summer, yet I know fall is right around the corner. Literally. And for me, fall means back to school and the reality of adhering to schedules, deadlines, and meetings. Most importantly, spending my days building literacy with adolescents who are teetering on that fine line between childhood and adulthood. Embracing the last month of my summer vacation, I prepare for 2 weeks at the beach with my family as well as enjoy lots of time for myself.

Family traditions are important to me and this is one of those traditions that I anticipate all year long.

My family and I get together every August at the jersey shore and it is here, where we truly are the most realist versions of ourselves and really relax. We all work so hard throughout the year with our demanding jobs of  running our own companies, teaching, nursing, real estate, first responders, and an artist, that we get to recharge our batteries and have fun.

As we enjoy our vacation, we not only spend time on the beach, we also spend time at the dinner table or on the deck, reflecting over the past year. Sharing memories and laughs from the previous summer, catching up on what we have been up to and creating new memories truly makes this an amazing vacation. Especially the laughs we have on game nights.

Now, I, like many of you hate packing and tend to overpack. (What fashionista doesn't?!) This usually leads to oversized luggage that I have to sit on to close. However, over the years, I have learned a thing or two, so I decided to share some of my tips with you.

Travel Tips:

  1. Make a List - you need to think of what you will need. You don't want to forget something important!
  2. Pack Lightly - plan your outfits. You only need a few statement pieces and the rest you can mix and match.
  3. Roll, Don't Fold - I actually learned this tip from my cousin (he travels the globe so he knows what he's talking about!) You can squeeze a lot in your bag and have room to zip.
  4. Organized Packing - Invest in packing "cubes." These have literally saved my life!! I have so many different sizes and colors (OCD, I know) but I can pack certain things in each and know where they are in my luggage. Or I can pack certain outfits into the cubes, that way I don't have to go digging through my suitcase for that leopard tank, white skinny jeans, jean jacket etc.

At the end of my vacation, I pack up all of my clothes, shoes, bathing suits, and memories and stroll out of our beach house.

I say goodbye to my family, goodbye to the beach, goodbye to August, and goodbye to summer as I say hello to my students and roll into September.

Flashback to my first blog post 6 years ago!!

The times are changing... ...but are these times changing for the better or worse? Now I know the answer could go either way, but my main focus here is to discuss the way dating and relationships have changed throughout the 21st century. Men and women have been dating and getting together since the caves, however, in today's world things have greatly changed.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you went out on a date? And I'm not talking about a group date, or grabbing a drink and going home to screw. I'm talking about a man asking a woman out, picking her up, (maybe even with the surprise of flowers), and going to a romantic restaurant and eating a delicious meal together over a candlelit table. Yeah, not very likely. Now, why is that?

Dating has become a very loose term and been replaced with the popular term; hooking up. Today's youth and adolescents have began to casually date, or casually hook up with one another. Sex used to mean something, but today it is thrown around like a football. Casual sex is seen widely on college campuses world wide. Adolescents head to the bars looking to get "fucked up"and leaving with a different person each night. Now, don't get me wrong. I know not every man and woman we meet at a bar is whoring it up and looking to score, but common. We are all thinking about sex, whether we want to admit it or not. But let's face it. Sex is not always going to lead to relationships. So let's toss that idea out the window right now.

We give it up way too fast (I'm talking to you ladies), and then lay in bed alone wondering why he hasn't called or asked us out. Why? Because we gave it up so early on! Why would men want to commit to a woman when they can go out and hook up with different girls whenever they feel the urge?!

So where does the fear of a committed relationship come from? Not every man and woman wants to be in a relationship, so having casual sex has become accepted, especially in today's world. However, for those of you who want to be in a relationship...listen up. Sleeping with someone is not always going to guarantee commitment. Especially in today's society. We rush into things way too fast because the world we live in is well, fast paced. Everything is at our fingertips.  So we just assume that relationships will be too.

So...what would happen if we all took a breath and slowed down a bit?